Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blue Jays' Zaun Considers Hand Modelling

A hand injury earlier this season put Toronto's Gregg Zaun out for nearly four weeks. Though the Jays' lineup may have suffered because of the loss, something special began happening in Gregg's life.

"After my visit with the hand specialist, the doctor advised me to try hand modelling. I've always wanted to be a model, but I've never had the movie-star eyes, hair, ears, nose or body. But I'm utterly convinced: I have beautiful hands," said Zaun at the Rogers Centre yesterday.

Doctor Manson, the person responsible for rekindling Zaun's modelling dreams, referred Gregg to a hand modelling agency in Los Angeles.

"Despite the fact he plays catcher and he's broken his hand already, Zaun's hands struck me like lightning when I first assessed them," said Manson.

To the joy of Jays fans, Zaun will only be modelling his hands part-time.

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