Thursday, July 9, 2009

Response to comment regarding police brutality = fighting in hockey

Gawd, I love dialogues. This is what blogs are meant for. Anonymous kindly wrote:

"you obviously have never played or been involved with a competitive hockey team, if so you would know you are completely out of your mind. there is a place for fighting in hockey. read what you just wrote. it is absolutely ridiculous to equate hockey fighting to police brutality. listen to what you saying. you are insane. end of story."

I am often mistaken for an insane person so I consider this a fair criticism. Perhaps I didn't illustrate my argument clearly enough. Mind you, it is an illustration. A metaphor to help illustrate my point. I thought it was kind of clever. But hey, you're more sane than me so you know better.

But wait, maybe I just wasn't clear enough. Yeah, that's it. I didn't take my pills the morning I wrote that original article. I'm full of drugs right now and my thinking is straight, so let's try it again:

1. Hockey enforcers, the finest players of all, enforce "the rules" of the game.

2. The police officers enforce the law. (I'm comparing THE LAW to the RULES OF HOCKEY.)

3. When someone "breaks the law" in hockey, the enforcers (AKA Goons) use their fists and beat the crap out of the offenders.

4. When someone breaks the law in society, police officers attend to the scene. They try to detain offenders by causing the least amount of damage to the suspect as possible. It is never acceptable for a police officer to unnecessarily beat an offender (IE: Rodney King). This is considered to be an abuse of power. Civilized people look down upon it. They call it police brutality.

5. Enforcers, goons - the meanest, stupidest and least skilled hockey players (who also hold the responsibility of enforcing the rules) punish offenders in the game of hockey by using brute force. Punching is the most acceptable method.

So... do you see the parallel? Goons and enforcers are vigilante "heroes" that follow the philosophy of enforcement by brutally beating offenders.

And that's my argument. Above it is the logical evidence that proves my point. What the hell are you shouting at me?

A. That I didn't play competitive hockey.

You're right, I didn't. So what? I have played hockey before. In fact, I went to a hockey skills camp. Did they teach me how to fight? Nope. Hmmm... funny, they called it a hockey skills camp for a reason.

B. That I'm apparently "insane."

Just because I never played in a league doesn't mean that you can write off all of my arguments as "insane." Hey, I'm the one who's arguing that violence is bad. I actually think you're insane, Anonymous. I'm pretty sure most people agree that violence is bad. For some reason you seem to think otherwise. Check your head, idiot.


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