Sunday, March 29, 2009

One comment! Yay! And here's my rebuttal...

"Anonymous" kindly wrote a comment on the blog. Here's what he/she said:

If you don't want your son to see fighting why the hell did you bring him to a hockey game?That's like complaining that a fight broke out at a boxing match you took your son too
March 28, 2009 1:21 AM

I'm sorry, but you are arguing a lost cause. Reason, and critical thinking is on my side of the argument. Here's what our very reasonable writing staff had to say in response:

The Writing Staff said...

Dear reader,Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Your analogy, "That's like complaing that a fight broke out at a boxing match," proves nothing.

First, I know what to expect out of boxing. Fighting. Punches, blows, blood, bruises. Some ugly stuff. A boxing fan watches boxing because fighting IS the game of boxing.

Hockey is about skating, shooting, passing, etc. This is acceptable for young children to watch. But then these idiotic, unexplainable fights break out and that is not acceptable for kids to see (Just as that one father on the Toronto Star website pointed out).

Fighting has unfortunately become "a part of the game" of hockey because a culture of violence has been tolerated for many decades. People like you accept fighting in hockey because hockey fans have turned their brains off and failed to evaluate this idiotic culture of violence critically.

You believe it is essential to the game of hockey only because it is a tradition. My mission is to show you that fighting is not necessary in hockey. Traditions needs to be evaluated all the time to make sure that society isn't doing or tolerating something stupid when it shouldn't

I won't take my kid to a boxing match or an MMA match because it's not kids entertainment. It's meant for adults who have the capacity to understand that the sport involves fighting and blood. And you know what? I have no problem with that. You don't have an argument. Boxing is different than hockey because it is all about fighting. Currently, the NHL accepts fighting and my whole argument is that it's a very big problem.

Ok, now my turn to give you some advice:If you love fighting so much, why do you bother watching hockey? Shouldn't you be a boxing fan instead? You must be really bored during hockey games because fighting only happens about 10% of the time, if not less. How do you tolerate 90% of quality skill and play, and anxiously await for a brawl to erupt?

Try really hard to look at this logical argument:

A. Fighting is not acceptable for children to watch.
B. Boxing involves fighting.
C. Children should not be allowed to watch boxing.

* * *

Now change B and C so that it looks like this:

B. Hockey involves fighting.
C. Children should not be allowed to watch hockey.

Franky, that is the truth. As long as violence is tolerated, I will not let me children play or watch hockey. And if they do want to watch it, I will take a lot of time to explain that the fighting part is very, very, very stupid.

I'm ready for a rebuttal any time. Thanks for commenting, and if you're a visitor and you have something to say, please, comment!!!! I'd love to hear what you think. No matter what side of the argument you're on.


Jennie Marie Mahalick said...


Anonymous said...

Fighting in hockey is necessary. As a small player 5 ft 7, 130lbs playing hockey is tough, there were times when i was body checked by a 200 lb guy and it strikes the fear of god into you, the only thing that allowed me to use my skills were the big guys that hit back and sometimes fought for me.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, the kids, everyone grows up and will see a fight at some point in there lives. cut the umbilical cord? or choose a different sport. baseball, basketball, or maybe take them to minor hockey where they can watch kids there own age, where fights are not allowed

The Puck Staff said...

Anonymous #1 says fighting in hockey is NECCESSARY because hockey is a tough sport???

Well guess what - NEWSFLASH - SO IS FOOTBALL!!!

Yet you don't see excessive amounts of fighting during College or NFL games do you? Of course not. Why? IT IS NOT ALLOWED!!!

As such, your analogy that fighting is "necessary" in hockey because it's a rough sport simply DOES NOT HOLD WATER!!! That is because while hockey, like football, is a rough sport, fighting is NOT necessary for the very survival of either sport.

And THAT is because NEITHER the NHL nor the NFL consider fighting to be acceptable behavior.

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