Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top Ten Moments of Beijing

The 2008 Beijing Olympics were full of unforgettable moments. There were some low points of course, like that random stabbing, but other than that, the games operated as smoothly as a state-run economy. Because the writers behind The Linesman are the most incredible journalists on the internet, we decided to compile a list of these moments. Behold, here is a list. Replace your memories of the 2008 Olympics with it.

1. Michael Phelps arrives in Bejing.

2. Michael Phelps wins his first gold medal.

3. Michael Phelps eat 36,000 calories worth of Chinese dumplings.

4. Michael Phelps wins his third gold medal.

5. Michael Phelps wins his fourth gold medal, by a hand - mind you.

6. Michael Phelps wins his fifth gold medal.

7. Michael Phelps wins another gold medal.

8. Michael Phelps wins his seventh gold medal.

9. Michael Phelps wins his eighth gold medal.

10. Michael Phelps leaves Beijing, setting a world record for flying the longest distance by flapping one's arms.

We stole the above photo from Adal Voice of Eritreans (yeah, we're probably the only people who would steal from the Eritreans)

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