Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mats Sundin Interview

So we were scheduled to interview Mats Sundin on July 6th but, of course, he never showed up. He emailed us an excuse only three days ago. Apparently he's been busy "thinking" about his future. Then he finally did show up - on a day that he wasn't scheduled. We had to squeeze him in between Ray Emery and Tyson the Skateboarding Dog. We hope you appreciate all the effort that went into making this happen.

Soo Min-ji: Nice to meet you Mats, my name is Soo Min-Ji. You can just call me Minge.
Mats: Hello, Minge.
Minge: Hi Mats. So tell me, what do you do for a living?
Mats: [stares]
Minge: Hello? Mats Sundin?
Mats: [stares]
Minge: ... Labia majora?
Mats: Shhh – give me some time to answer the question.
Minge: Sure, go ahead. You have until the end of August to respond.

50 minutes later

Mats: I’m sorry, what did you ask?
Minge: I believe I asked you for permission to go down on you.
Mats: Damnit, why did I get married?
Minge: Funny, A-rod is asking himself the same question these days. Anyways, so tell me, why did you ever settle down?
Mats: I remember putting a lot of thought into the decision but I don't remember what my reasoning was any more.
Minge: So you thought about it long?
Mats: And hard, yes.
Minge: What do you actually do when you think?
Mats: It's hard to explain. First of all, I don't talk to anyone. I just sit on my porch with my mouth shut. I pet the cat. I might play some ABBA in the background to keep myself focused but I often get distracted anyways.
Minge: What do you eat while you think about your future?
Mats: Almonds and rice. If I'm extra hungry I'll steal some of the cat's food.
Minge: Why haven't you decided your future yet?
Mats: I've been fishing, you know. And thinking. It takes a lot of time.
Minge: What kind of fish have you caught recently?
Mats: [stares]
Minge: Are you thinking about your answer?
Mats: Yes, please, I need a more time.
Minge: No problem. This isn't awkward at all.

2 hours later

Mats: I'm sorry, what was the question again?

Photo stolen from JT Hockey. Yeah.

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