Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Roys Join Seal Hunt

Jonathan Roy and Patrick Roy suddenly have lots of free time because of their involvement in a recent on-ice brawl. They have both acquired lengthy suspensions from the Quebec Junior Hockey League. The timing couldn't be any better, however, because the Great Canadian Seal Hunt is about to begin in a few days.

"As you've witnessed in the video on Youtube, I love beating the shit out of things. Woohoo," said Jonathan Roy.

"Over the next few days I'll be deprived of fighting hockey players so I'm counting on this seal hunt to quench my thirst for punching," he said.

"I'm so proud of my son for taking fighting to the next level. I've packed my favourite club, the same one I used to beat my wife with. I might even bring some of my old goalie equipment so that I can startle the seals," Patrick Roy said.

The Roys left for their seal-clobbering road trip this morning. They are the only pair of hunters who will be dressed in facemasks and goalie pads.

The Grean Diary kindly gave us the above photo as a late Valentine's gift.

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