Monday, November 19, 2007

Marbury Serves Detention With 5th Graders

It has been revealed that Stephon Marbury did not in fact have permission from the Knicks to leave New York. So not only has Marbury been fined, but, he has also been sentenced to detention at Willem Dafoe Middle School in Queens, New York.

"100 lines, no talking," said a stern Mrs. Butterfield, grade five teacher.

Marbury's troubles do not end there. The principal of Dafoe Middle School phoned his parents last night.

"We're very disappointed with Stephon - just going where he wants without permission. We didn't raise him like that," said Mrs. Marbury.

Because this is the same school at which Michael Vick took animal empathy classes, Dafoe Middle School is equipped with a desk that can accomodate a large black man. He serves his detention tomorrow as soon as the school bell rings at 3pm sharp.

With the exception of school bullies, no other people (including reporters) will be allowed on the school premises during, before or after the detention.

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