Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Netminder" Officially Accepted By Oxford Dictionary

Along with the words "linner" (the meal eatten between dinner and lunch) and "foody-call" (a phone call, page or conversation aimed at getting free food from a partner), "netminder" has also been accepted by the 2008 Oxford English Dictionary.

"This word intellectualizes the game of hockey," said TSN sportscaster Bob McKenzie at the Word Acceptance Conference yesterday.

"The goalie is not just an athlete, but a thinker. He must predict shots, think about where the play is coming from and where the puck will go."

"The goalie is more than a goalie. He is, a netminder," finished McKenzie.

After a long night of drinking and celebrating, the hockey enthusiasts at the Word Acceptance Conference made several foody-calls with the hope of scoring some "drunk food."

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