Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jays Mascot Injured, Requires Surgery

On a team full of humans playing baseball, you often forget about the plush animal who leads cheers and team spirit.

"Ace," the Blue Jays' runnin' and jumpin' mascot, will not appear in the remaining games of this 2007 season because of a serious back injury.

"A lot of the kids will miss me, but if I'm to return next season, I need my back fixed," said a weeping Ace.

"We're going to miss Ace," said Frank Thomas. "Whenever I strike out, I always look at Ace and he cheers me up. He helps me hide my tears after a loss."

Ace will enter St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto shortly. In preparation for the surgery, doctors are begging the public to donate plush so that the operation has a higher chance of success.

"When we cut Ace up, there's a chance he might lose a little too much synthetic material," said Doctor Steinback. "But if we have enough plush donors, the chance of survival will be increased dramatically," he finished.

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