Saturday, September 29, 2007

Frank Thomas Offended by Linesman Post

It isn't everyday that you're contacted by one of the greatest baseball players of our time.

Yesterday, Frank Thomas sent The Linesman an email. It was a slightly angry email, but, we were still happy to receive it because our inbox tends to be perpetually empty.

"Fuck you Linesman, you fucking piece of shit blog," wrote an angry Thomas. "Don't make shit up about my stats, bitches. I take that shit way too seriously, you know. I have no sense of humour so I will fuck you up. With my baseball bat," he said.

"I read any more false shit about me, I'll wrip your spine out," he added in his post script.

In reaction to the complaint, the staff writers of the The Linesman held an emergency meeting.

Nothing was resolved.

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