Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blue Jays Still Hoping To Catch Wild Card

If you're a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, you're probably familiar with an emotion called "hope." It's probably the one thing you've been feeling all summer.

"We can still make it. Six games left to the season," said John Gibbons. "I know we're behind, but if we're good enough, we'll make it," he finished.

Rogers Sportsnet, the company that owns the Jays, has been marketing its baseball team as a playoff contender all year.

"The fight's not over yet. There's a glimmer of hope. We're 11 behind in the wild card race, but we're still in a good position," said General Manager JP Ricciardi.

"Realistically and mathematically, we're out," said Pitcher Roy Halladay. "I was told to sound optimistic by our PR department, but I'm just going to be blunt. We fucked up this year, just like last year, and the year before that."

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