Saturday, August 25, 2007

Linesman Inks Sponsorship Deal With Bad Newz Kennels

So it's approaching three months since our birth, and it feels really pathetic to blog to an empty audience. In an effort to increase our readership, The Linesman will advertise in some sports leagues.

Considering that we have no budget, we were only able to land a sponsorship deal with Bad Newz Kennels, a team of violent dogs that competes in the MLD (Major League Dogfighting).

"It's cool that my old kennel is getting a financial lift," said Michael Vick, former General Manager of BNK. "With my lawyers being so expensive, I've absorbed most of BNK's cash. The Linesman and my old kennel will have a great partnership."

Bad Newz Kennels reports that our "Linesman" logo will be branded into the dogs' bodies. Editor-in-chief, Liz Oak, has stated that this will probably "make the blog a little more noticeable."

Pictured above: Official logo of Major League Dogfighting.

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